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 Mark Mixx began pursuing his musical career at an early age. His passion for music has driven him to write, produce, and perform worldwide. His artistic versatility allows him to compose songs in many different styles while maintaining a signature sound. Mark's ability to incorporate modern techniques with jazz is what makes him sought after by artists worldwide.



In 2009 Mark Mixx decided to produce a Jazz CD on his independent record label(Isis Style Music). He assembled some talented Detroit musicians to collaborate and play on the “Street Jazz Project, Johnny Barnes (trumpet), Steve Cooley (trumpet), Eddie Taylor (trumpet), Ike Pippen (keys), Shane Mckeever (keys), Jeff Canady (drums), Antonio Johnson(drums), Deblone Jackson (flute), Marty Montgomery (sax), Don Whyte (sax), Charles Jones (trombone), Keenan "The Kid" Williams (trombone) Stephen "Stevo" Current (bass), Tony Parker (bass), Derrick Bartel (guitar), Randal Wilson (guitar), Anthony Booker (guitar) and Mark Mixx  (percussion and keys).


Tha Street Jazz Cartel has (4) album releases on All digital platforms. In 2021 Mark Mixx feat. Tha Street Jazz Cartel release their new singles from their( 5th ) album entitled "V" (Fall 2023) with a collaboration with James Gibbs III (trumpet) "Rydn & Chillaxn" along with "Ziggy's Groove" feat. Don Whyte and "Don't Want It" (2023) feat Stevo and Joel Del Rosario. These releases will Put you in the mind of Riding on a "Hot Sunny Day"!

The Street Jazz CD is currently getting radio airplay in Detroit and other parts of the country plus overseas.


Mark Mixx and Tha Street Jazz Cartel have performed with the world-renowned Michael Franks, Damien Escobar, Alex Bugnon, Marion Meadows, Mindi Abair, Dave Koz, Gearld Albright, Richard Elliott, Nelson Rangell, and Will Downing. Also, Tha Street Jazz Cartel Has performed for the Rev. Jesse Jackson for The Rainbow Push Coalition for charity and many more also with a few live television appearances.

Meet Tha Street Jazz Cartel

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